I could still see your smile
Through all of the flames
I knew I was in trouble
We picked up all the pieces
I made a castle from the rubble
If pain was a lullaby
You could sing me to sleep
Or at least hum the melody
But now is the wrong time
The right time
The same time
You lost the heartfelt tune
As the clouds come and go
The sun stands with me
In place of your void
When I fall asleep
My hand remains open
Hanging off the side of the bed
Hoping to feel your fingers in my palm again
Your mind is here and there
With mine
Ironic how we so quickly
Lost track of time
Before you leave
Before I go
When I close my eyes
To see you
A smile comes
Barely shows
Caring too much
Brings its own woes

The Winners


We run

Seeking what we know we deserve

We catch our breath

Until we are ecstatic

Our sweat and tears

One in the same

After some stretching, bending, pulling

We are ready again

So much training

For what only

Seems to be moments

Before the gun

We look into each others eyes

In that one instance

Both say

“I do”

Then we are off

Racing from each other as fast as we can

Miles and miles apart

Yet together

At the same time

Seconds turning to Minutes

Minutes to Hours

Hoping that we trained enough

Until we see each other

At the finish line

“What took you so long?”

“Ha. I was going to ask you the same thing?”



Single Flower

She would always pick the flowers

Before they could bloom

I would try to tell her

To be patient

Let them get their toll up

Now she’s quiet

Like when she is in the kitchen

Trying to sneak one of my Roll-Ups

So I go back later and

Hide the box

Till she comes back

To hound me

She’s the fox

Pouting in the corner

Until I cave in on a day

Bright and full with sun

All petals gone

Here you go

I saved it for you

It’s the last one


(This song is awesome.)



Never has there been
Such content with pain in the world
If you see someone hurting
Speak up
Don’t wait
When you are down
Reach out
The embraces are gentle
They won’t leave you splintered
Those who you least expect
Can be your sun
Saving you from
The harshness of winter
Cocoons are not healthy
If escape is possible
Beautiful things will emerge
Valuable lessons learned
Skills acquired
Things that will make life
For everyone involved
Leave the cocoon
The world bites
But don’t forget
You can bite back



Living lies through her favorite songs

Pretending it’s just him

When both were wrong

Silence clouded judgement

Blinded by what-ifs

Around and around in a circle

That went on for too long

She can’t wait

He can’t stay

Two souls that cry to belong

Walls went up so long ago

As nights turned to days

Both were hurting inside

Both missed the signs

Around and around in a circle

Killing dead time

So many voices in her head

She let them change her fate

One day she heard his voice

But she declared it all too late

Hurt and alone

Both hearts crushed

Around and around in a circle

Emotions closed away and hushed

Neither sending words

Only thoughts in the air

Sometimes people wake up

From dreams to realize

That they still care.

Changing Tides


We sat there by the dock

Too wooden and fragile it was

Like the last

Leaf in the autumn

All alone

Just her and I

Her hands feeling my legs

Saving me from the heat of the summer

Telling me that I can come

And go

As I please

But things are not

How they used to be

She tells me how the winters

Will never be the same

How her friends

come back

to visit

less than before

I feel her tears

She pulls me in for a moment

With such force

Whispering, she tells

Me that she is hurting

As the light starts to dim

I plead for her to let me go

One last squeeze

Before she sets me back

Beside our friend

The dock

Too wooden and fragile

To console her

Too wise to

Keep silent

His crackling voice

Told us what was coming

I was skeptical

But she knew

She was feeling it firsthand

Before I left

I ran my fingers through her wet hair

One more time

I asked

What can I do

They both replied

Tell our story




Shaking My Head (20/8/14)

The Good:

Floria Guei

The Bad:

Who signed off on this?

The Ugly

Posting gruesome videos on social media

Please stop. Do something productive with these tools.

That is all. Grad school is fun…Work is ok…Life is good.
I’ll try to get back into the swing of things.


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