Changing Tides


We sat there by the dock

Too wooden and fragile it was

Like the last

Leaf in the autumn

All alone

Just her and I

Her hands feeling my legs

Saving me from the heat of the summer

Telling me that I can come

And go

As I please

But things are not

How they used to be

She tells me how the winters

Will never be the same

How her friends

come back

to visit

less than before

I feel her tears

She pulls me in for a moment

With such force

Whispering, she tells

Me that she is hurting

As the light starts to dim

I plead for her to let me go

One last squeeze

Before she sets me back

Beside our friend

The dock

Too wooden and fragile

To console her

Too wise to

Keep silent

His crackling voice

Told us what was coming

I was skeptical

But she knew

She was feeling it firsthand

Before I left

I ran my fingers through her wet hair

One more time

I asked

What can I do

They both replied

Tell our story




Shaking My Head (20/8/14)

The Good:

Floria Guei

The Bad:

Who signed off on this?

The Ugly

Posting gruesome videos on social media

Please stop. Do something productive with these tools.

That is all. Grad school is fun…Work is ok…Life is good.
I’ll try to get back into the swing of things.



Seems even more relevant these days.

Originally posted on Who I Want to Work With:

BP Photo

something that we saw
that we will repeat
the only game where both sides
are left in defeat
how easy is it really
to point and aim a gun
and now there are games that try to make it fun
but a bullet doesn’t tickle
and a controller doesn’t cry
and in war
you don’t get to respawn
every time you happen to die
it used to be in war
where to kill someone
you had to see their face
but now in war
there is only the concept of time
no space
to be killed at the touch of a button
talking with a friend
and all of a sudden
war shows its face
smile and grins
because only war
realizes that no
one wins
sometimes there is a treaty
just a chance for the greedy
to catch their breath and reload
but it never takes…

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Airport Security

Stand in line for a
Crazy long time
Long enough to make
Random observations
Reaching a point of boredom
Strangers stare me in the eyes
Without hesitation
Do I have my ID
Passport included
I was in such a rush before I left
My boarding pass seems
To have eluded
Oh wait…
Crisis averted
Trip not deserted
As I rush to my gate
Not yet famous
So I know they won’t wait
In my seat safe and sound
As the wheels leave the ground
I doze off gently
Into sleep.

In the sky

Circumstances of Life

Life is what you think that you ought to have

When you have nothing left to give

It is when you have no control

As your reality turns to myth

Life is watching a newborn, on TV

Halfway around the world

Crowned and sitting on a throne

It is missing your connection to Oslo

After 16 hours of flying

Then left sitting in Heathrow

With a dead mobile phone

Life is risk and reward

And a little more risk

It is all those opportunities when you

Blink and they are missed

Life is studying all night

Only to sit in class all day

It is crying with your friends and

Family at graduation

Life is the sword and

We are the stone

Filled with anticipation

It is when you play street-music to pay for lunch, because

You don’t want to ask your parents for money

Life is when you wear your favorite shoes

Even if it is nowhere close to being sunny

To jump in puddles

It is what it is


Walking on Sunshine

All Work and No Play


Between school and work, I think that I may be slowly losing my mind. So I have decided to try to relax a bit in March to bring back my sanity. Starting grad school has been interesting. I have learned so much already. It can still be overwhelming sometimes, but I can handle it. Next week I’m being forced to go to Las Vegas for work, so I will take the opportunity in stride…and go see every show that I can. Over the next few days, I have set aside time to learn how to play poker again. I will put some pictures up if I remember to take some.


There are a few more people who I would like to see before summer starts. We’ll see.

Some of you may remember this post Yasiin Bey
I’m obviously a fan. Earlier this week, the internet was gifted with a mashup Easter egg. This present, created by producer, Amerigo Gazaway, is a compilation of Marvin Gaye and Yasiin Bey. As an advocate of good music, I highly suggest that you take a listen. Click to download.

Yasiin Gaye

Also check out DAVE CHRLS’ new What is Reality:EP
It’s a good start to say the least. Tracks were legit, but I wish that some more of the vocals would’ve been allowed to shine through (minus distortion). I still don’t know what Flamingo Juice is (I listened hard for several replays). Progression is my favorite track. Followed by Look at Me. Click the link below to check him out.
Listen to DAVE CHRLS

Julia Spada – Reptile Mission (plus quick interview)

Reptile Mission cover

This week, I am very proud to be featuring Julia Spada. Yesterday, she released a new song titled, “Reptile Mission”. You might recognize her voice from previous tracks from Saturday Monday that were also featured on here. Those posts exposed me to her unique sound.

In “Reptile Mission”, Julia has chosen to spread her wings quite a bit. Not only did she pen all of the lyrics, but she also co-produced the song alongside UK producer, Peter Jarrett. Personally, I like it. There is something super soulful about her style, that is actually hard to put into words. This is definitely a song of substance. Her undertones of friendship, served up with the rest of her creative lyrics, really make you interested in what she is trying to say. Give it a listen (free download).

Reptile Mission

She is bound to cultivate her sound as a solo artist over time. Judging by “Reptile Mission”, she is off to a great start.

Julia is super down to Earth. She agreed to let me inside her world to help the readers of WIWTWW know more about her by , as she put it, sending “a postcard from her brain”. My questions are simple, and fun. Enjoy. (Maybe you will notice her sense of humor.)

Ant: Where is home for you?
Julia: Right now, my Stockholm apartment. But I was brought up by a country road, so I’m loyal to no hood.

Ant: When/How did you get into music?
Julia: My mom showed me her diary from when I was 1.5 years old, which said I was already making up songs, so I can’t really remember.

Ant: Do you write your own lyrics?
Julia:Yes, traditionally. But writing with others can be a blast, and often, two brains are better than one.

Ant: Are you interested in the composition/producing side of music?
Julia: Yes. Feels like I don’t have time to become a tech pro but yeah, that’s a major aspect of music, and when it comes to my solo stuff, I’m the show-runner.

Ant: Who do you look up to in music?
Julia:People I work with, like Saturday, Monday, Ji Nilsson or Mack Beats. People who do the whole package, from singing to producing and playing the instruments, e.g. Prince or Stevie Wonder.

Ant: How did you end up working with Mack Beats (song at the end of this post)?
Julia: He asked me to contribute the final puzzle piece to his masterpiece Centrum after hearing ‘The Ocean’.

Ant: What did it feel like to see ‘Lägg Dig Ner’ rise in the charts.
Julia: Lol, baby was never in the charts. It’s managed to build up a rather huge fan base very gradually under the radar. But yes, that felt larger than life.

Ant: What you do if you were not a singer (alternative occupation)?
Julia: Mathematician or computer programmer, without any doubt. I was one third through a University degree in computer science when music kicked off, and was loving it.

Ant: What are you most excited about working on this year?
Julia: Julia Spada and my ongoing musical love affair with Saturday, Monday.

Ant: Do you have aspirations to bridge the gap, and make it into U.S. airplay (ex. Robyn)?
Julia: Nope. KIDDING!

Ant: What was you favorite concert/festival that you’ve ever been too? Why?
Julia: Destiny’s Child in 2005 – because they’re Destiny’s Child! Sitting down in an old Stockholm theater (Södra Teatern) full of red velvet getting hypnotized by James Blake’s music in 2011 was breathtaking.

Ant: Have you ever traveled to the U.S.? Do you enjoy traveling?
Julia: I was in NYC very briefly three years ago for a show, and loved it of course. When it comes to traveling, I enjoy drinking coffee, trying local delicacies and dancing in new cities, yes. But I’m definitely not one of those people working day and night 6 months at a time in a job they hate to be able to fly across the globe and be bored on the beach for 3 months.

Ant: Is it easy to cope with the idea that you have fans?
Julia: The shock, pride and gratitude I feel when someone goes – “wait, are you Julia SPADA?” …!!!

Ant: Kebabtallrik eller kebabrulle? :)
Julia: Falafelrulle

Ant: Who would you like to work with?
Julia: Brilliant, cooperative, intersectionalist visionaries only, please. And Beyoncé.

Julia says, "Hi."

Julia says, “Hi.”

Lägg Dig Ner


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